“Strengthen the community, strengthen the player”

This mantra is the basis for Double KO. Our mission is to expand the competitive gaming sphere in Australia by cultivating an open and welcoming environment for gamers of every standing, while also promoting and training upcoming talent to improve the Australian competitive scene with a primary focus on Fighting games. Whether you are new to gaming, intermediate, or a hardened veteran, Double KO seeks to expand your in-game skillset while also creating a positive social environment to enrich lives outside of gaming.


Double KO was founded in the latter half of 2018 by Brad Bethell, as a small monthly training session initially held privately in his own home as a way for local Street Fighter players to improve their skills and socialise. After gaining competitive traction within the Sydney FGC (Fighting game community) higher tournament placings and e-sports opportunities such as the Gfinity Elite Series aided in expanding the vision of Double KO to the one that exists today. By offering the same opportunities to other players that aided in his competitive successes and lifelong friendship, expanding it to other games to create an environment where anyone can thrive and socialise, gamer or otherwise.

Founder/ Owner - Brad Bethell

About Double KO E-Sports

“Strengthen the community,strengthen the player”

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